Fluke TiX620 Thermal Imaging Camera 640x480 30Hz

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Fluke TiX620 Thermal Imaging Camera 640x480 30Hz

With the Fluke TiX620 you can conduct inspections from a safe distance and still get spectacular, detailed infrared images with the 32x on-camera digital zoom. You can see more detail in every image on the large 5.6 inch high resolution LCD screen and get high measurement accuracy and precision images with 640 x 480 resolution.

The TiX620 can save you time focusing with advanced auto focus and manual focus. And you can take focus to the extreme and eliminate out of focus images with EverSharp multifocal recording that takes a stack of IR Images at one time and combines them into one fully focused image.

Key Features

  • 640 x 480 resolution infrared camera with advanced focus and a large 5.6 inch high resolution LCD screen
  • Features 32x on-camera digital zoom to allow you to get close up shots from a safe distance
  • Offers multiple image transfer protocols
  • Provides the sharpest ever IR-Fusion® images with an 8 MP visible light camera
  • Provides 4x the pixel data with SuperResolution to create a 1280 x 960 resolution image (in software)
  • Features light and ergonomic handling with neck and hand strap for all day use
  • Provides temperature measurements from -40 to 600 °C (-40 to 1112°F)

Get the most out of your TiX620 with Fluke Connect™ desktop software.

  • Edit and optimize images
  • Combine infrared and visible images for simpler analysis
  • Create detailed reports
  • Organize and search images by asset, severity, and title

Download the Fluke Connect App for your Android or iOS Devices

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