General Tools EP8711P Psychrometer
General Tools EP8711P Psychrometer

General Tools EP8711P Psychrometer with Enthalpy

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General Tools EP8711P 6-in-1 Psychrometer with Enthalpy

Key Features:

  • Integral 6 in. long sensor-tipped probe for measuring conditions inside ductwork. Probe swivels. increasing placement options.
  • Choice of Imperial or metric units for all measured parameters except RH
  • 4-digit LCD
  • 2-minute Auto Power Off (APO) function
  • Low battery indicator

The 6-in-1 Psychrometer with Enthalpy (EP8711P) is a multifunction instrument designed to easily measure ambient temperature, relative humidity (RH), dew point, wet bulb temperature, absolute humidity (mixing ratio) and enthalpy. These parameters are used to judge system performance and diagnose problems during HVACR system installation and maintenance. Many of the parameters are also typically used by water damage restoration contractors and professionals charged with monitoring and maintaining the environment of facilities such as office buildings, greenhouses, food and equipment storage facilities, wineries, freezers, shipping containers, computer rooms, labs, libraries, museums and saunas.

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