3rd Edition Cover
3rd Edition Cover

Home Performance Diagnostics: The Guide to Advanced Testing

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Home Performance Diagnostics: the Guide to Advanced Testing


How Exactly to Conduct Scientific Testing and Verification for Homes.
all new 3rd Edition:

Home Performance Diagnostics is a step-by-step, beautifully photographed technical manual for performing home performance testing. Author Corbett Lunsford has experience in hundreds of homes in different climate zones, and has worked hard to make these complex diagnostics easy to master. 

WATCH Grace and Corbett on the first ever TV series on measured home performance and building science on PBS! 
More info at https://homediagnosis.tv/ or watch on YouTube (LINK)

More than 40 different test methods are demonstrated in clear detail, and with corresponding formulas and interpretations, in 3 main sections:
  • Envelope
  • HVAC
  • Electrical

PLUS: an Introduction to systems thinking and the most efficient breakdown yet of building science fundamentals, and an Appendix demonstrating critical prerequisites to testing.

If you're a professional in today's fast-evolving industry of high performance construction and retrofits, then you've probably found yourself wondering a few things:
  • Who can show me how to run that test?
  • How do I get the most out of the equipment I own?
  • Why do the tests work, and how do I explain them?
  • What quality control methods should I use?
  • Which tools will make my job faster and easier?

With this guide, experienced and new diagnosticians alike will get step-by-step details on advanced testing, complete with:
  • Best practices, important concepts and pitfalls
  • How to present data to the client
  • Step-by-step photograph
  • Time-saving tips

The new edition is 220 pages, with 280+ photos, 40 test methods, 30+ tools, and 40+ equations.

With international conversions and quizzes for each diagnostic.

Preview the book here: LINK

"The first book of its kind for the home performance industry. It sets a high bar for any future efforts. It is destined to be one of those 'foundational' works for our profession, like (Joe Lstiburek's) Builders Guides from EEBA... you ought to own this book." ~Don Hynek, Wisconsin Division of Energy Services, as reviewed in Home Energy Magazine (FULL REVIEW HERE)

"So clear and direct. My own attempts to focus on testing have been cluttered by comparison." ~Jim Fitzgerald, Center for Energy and Environment

"...a clear and concise process for performing virtually every diagnostic test... I highly recommend that everyone in the building performance industry buy a copy and use it!" ~Brett Dillon, IBS Advisors, Chair of RESNET Standards Development and Technical Committees

"...provides the latest accredited diagnostic & testing procedures, while explaining and demonstrating with clear crisp photos and well written user-friendly instructions." ~Joe Nagan, Home Building Technology Services

"With this colorful publication, Corbett explains both verbally and in color photos what it takes to solve the riddles of how the home functions as a system. This is set to become coveted both as a field manual for its content and a 'coffee table book' for the photo depictions." ~Mike Gorman, TechKnowledge

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