Fieldpiece HS36
Fieldpiece HS36

Expandable TRUE RMS Stick Multimeter with Backlight - HS36

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Expandable True RMS Stick Multimeter with Backlight - HS36

The Fieldpiece top of the line True RMS Stick Meter, the HS36 includes the ranges you use everyday for HVAC/R field service plus includes a bright blue backlight and True RMS. Like the rest of the HS30 series, the HS36 comes equipped with a magnetic hanger, along with detachable silicone test leads and alligator clip probe tips for remote and easy one-handed testing, as well as the full set of built-in safety features. This auto-ranging stick meter also includes a bar graph on the LCD for an analog feel. Technicians who prefer our expandable stick meters tell us this is the best digital multimeter for HVAC/R field Service.

Features and Benefits

The HS meter series is unlike any other found in HVAC/R. Fieldpiece incorporates a number of safety features, both those you can and can’t see, into our meters. In addition, the HS series accepts modular test instrument accessory heads. The HS36 is the top of the line stick meter. It includes the features and benefits that technicians tell us they need to do their job easier, better and faster:

Non-contact Voltage

With the red NCV tab on the tip of the meter close to an AC voltage, press and hold the NCV button. The NCV LED will light and the beeper will beep. The closer you get to AC voltage, the louder the beep. The NCV function is sensitive enough to detect 24VAC on thermostats.

High Voltage and Continuity Indicators

In any VAC/VDC range, when you touch a voltage greater than 30V, the beeper will beep and the red Hi-V LED will signal you. BE CAREFUL! The continuity beeper and green LED tell you if the circuit you’re testing is open or closed (using the switch position to the right of OFF).


For measuring the flame diode current in a heater control.


For motor-start and motor-run capacitors. Disconnect the capacitor from power first. Short the terminals to discharge the capacitors. Disconnect any resistors that might be between the terminals of the capacitor.


Press MIN/MAX once to begin recording MIN and MAX. Press MIN/MAX to select current reading’s MIN or MAX. Hold down for 2 seconds to exit MIN/MAX function.


Plug any K-type thermocouple directly into the meter to measure temperature. Temperature measurement will be accurate even in fast changing environments because of excellent temperature compensation. One thermocouple is included. No adapter is required.

Silicone Leads with Detachable Probe Tips

Because the wire insulation is silicone the leads will stay flexible in cold weather and will not melt if bumped by a soldering iron. When testing electrical circuits with two hands, there is a risk that a careless mistake may complete a circuit through your body and potentially cause death or injury. Detachable probes tips and the modular design of the HS36 allow you to plug V lead tip into the top of the meter, connect an alligator lead tip to COM and ground, and perform a one-hand test more easily than most any meter on the market.

And More:

  • Rugged ABS case with rubberized bumpers.
  • Built-in magnetic hanger allows you to test with one hand or no-hands.
  • Built-in lead storage.
  • Ergonomic shape fits naturally in your hand.
  • Auto power-off (APO) to conserve battery life.

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