HVAC Strap Manifold Gauge Hanger

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HVAC Strap Manifold Gauge Hanger

"As seen on HVAC ProTalk!"

The HVAC Strap is a magnetic HVAC manifold gauge holder, so you don't have to "hassle with the hook." It is proudly made in the USA for HVAC technicians...by an HVAC technician.

Have you ever found yourself with no where to hang you heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) manifold gauges, so you just threw them on the ground? That problem has been solved with the HVAC Strap.

The HVAC Strap fits most non-digital gauges and some field fabrication may be necessary to fit the HVAC Strap to your particular gauges. If you purchase the HVAC Strap and it does not fit your gauges, the manufacturer will refund your purchase 100%, no questions asked!

Features and Benefits:

  • Safety (no high high voltage near gauges)
  • Decreased Work Time (put the gauges right where you want them)
  • Non-Damaging (coated so it won't scratch or damage)
  • Increased Gauge Readability

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