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131 HVAC/R Oil Heat I

Credits: 18
Estimated Length: 18 hour(s)
Due: 60 day(s) from enrollment date.

It will prepare technicians to install, maintain, and repair residential and small commercial burner systems up to 400,000 BTUs/hour. We explore all the mechanical, electrical, and accessory devices commonly found in modern fuel oil heating systems. With this knowledge, you will build troubleshooting skills and identify applicable codes as they pertain to the installation and use of these systems. The NORA Oil Heat Manual ebook is provided as a downloadable file. Instruction aligns with ANSI/ACCA Quality Installation and ANSI/ ACCA/ ASHRAE Standard 180. This course is recognized for 18 hours of continuing education (CEHs) applicable to NATE recertification.

A strong understanding of HVAC fundamentals and have a working knowledge of those topics before enrollment into this intermediate course.

131-Oil Heat I

Compton, Chris ([email protected])
Oakley, Scott admin (soakley)


  • Characteristics of Fuel Oil and Principles of Combustion
  • Types and Construction of Oil Burners
  • Oil Burner Anatomy (part one)
  • Oil Burner Anatomy (part 2)
  • Fuel Oil Tanks and Piping
  • Complete Heating Systems

Expected Course Outcomes:

  • Identify types and operations of oil burners
  • Identify the construction of oil tank systems
  • Identify fuel oil delivery piping and control systems
  • Understand the overall assembly of an oil heat system


  • 131-1 Characteristics of Fuel Oil and Principles of Combustion
  • 131-1 Terms Definition Exercise
  • 131-1 Module Exam
  • 131-2 Types and Construction of Oil Burners
  • 131-2 Terms Definition Exercise
  • 131-2 Module Exam
  • 131-3 Oil Burner Anatomy (Part One)
  • 131-3 Terms Definition Exercise
  • 131-3 Module Exam
  • 131-4 Oil Burner Anatomy (Part Two)
  • 131-4 Terms Definition Exercise
  • 131-4 Module Exam
  • 131-5 Fuel Oil Tanks and Piping
  • 131-5 Terms Definition Exercise
  • 131-5 Module Exam
  • 131-6 Complete Heating Systems
  • 131-6 Terms Definition Exercise
  • 131-6 Module Exam
  • 131 Final Exam

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