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156 BAS Advanced System Managment

Credits: 15
Estimated Length: 15 hour(s)
Due: 60 day(s) from enrollment date.

This course will also equip the technician to perform basic service troubleshooting of BAS and understand the role and structure of interoperable systems including BACNET and LON. The student will then be able to work with commissioning agents to ensure proper BAS operation and implementation. Instruction aligns with ANSI/ACCA Quality Installation & Maintenance Standards.

Completion of 153 Controls Systems Fundamentals, and 154 Control Systems Types and BAS Basics, and 155 BAS Installation and Strategies prior to enrollment into this advanced course. This course is NATE recognized for 15 hours of continuing education (CEHs) which are applicable to NATE re-certification.

156-BAS Advanced System Management

Compton, Chris ([email protected])
Oakley, Scott admin (soakley)

The main topics for the course are:

  • Building System Management
  • Energy Audits and Utility Structures
  • Building Automation System Troubleshooting
  • Building Automation System Interoperability-Advanced Technologies
  • Building Commissioning


  • 156-1 Building System Management
  • 156-1 Web Lecture Presentation Recording
  • 156-1 Terms Definition Exercise
  • BAS-156-1-Exam-v3
  • 156-2 Energy Audits and Utility Structures
  • 156-2 Web Lecture Presentation Recording
  • 156-2 Terms Definition Exercise
  • BAS-156-2 Exam-v1
  • 156-3 BAS Troubleshooting
  • 156-3 Web Lecture Presentation Recording
  • 156-3 Terms Definition Exercise
  • BAS-156-3 Exam-1
  • 156-4 BAS Interoperability - Advanced Technologies
  • 156-4 Web Lecture Presentation Recording
  • 156-4 Terms Definition Exercise
  • BAS-156-4 Exam-v1
  • 156-5 Building Commissioning
  • 156-5 Web Lecture Presentation Recording
  • 156-5 Terms Definition Exercise
  • BAS-156-5 Exam-v1
  • 156 Final Exam

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