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Technical Core Assessment

Think of this as a screening tool, so an individual can determine their competency in basic skills as they go thru the course. From scores in these areas, the individual can then have a program tailored for improving areas they are weak on.

If you’re not sure where to start, or if you don’t know what you should study first, start with this online assessment of your current knowledge. 

The Technical Core Assessment will indicate the strengths and weaknesses for an individual in 27 different knowledge areas of HVACR and Building Performance.

The results will indicate an individual's readiness for industry certification exams such as HVAC Excellence, NATE, or BPI. 

The Assessment is actually 27 separate assessments with nine (9) that focus on the HVACR Core knowledge areas, and the remainder aligned with HVACR specialty topics. 

They are given in a sequence (see SPECS tab) starting with (1) 30 question exam on Safety. 

The questions for each exam are randomly selected from a pool of qualified questions for that knowledge area. 

Registration for the TCA does not require an individual to take all of the assessments. An individual can choose to take only those that are important to them, or they can take all of them. 

However, you must complete all the Core Assessments. It is not necessary to complete all of the assessments in one sitting. 

Allow 30 minutes for each assessment. You’ll receive an email with your results and a Personal Education Plan (PEP) shortly after you complete the assessments. 

Your performance on the assessments will determine the structure of your PEP--our recommended list of reviews and courses that, when completed, will bring your knowledge up to the industry standards for excellence. 

This is a great way to assess your knowledge. Or, if you’re a manager or supervisor, after reviewing the results for an individual, you can establish a training plan for the individual that takes the test, whether it be new hire or existing tech. 

Plan to finish them all within 30 days after your enrollment.

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