Imperial 700 Series Manifold
Imperial 700 Series Manifold

Imperial 700 Series KWIK-CHARGER MANIFOLD w- Low Loss Hoses

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If you are going to stick with analog gauges, stick with the best. Imperial Kwik Charger Manifolds allow you to add refrigerant to a system quickly without flooding the compressor. This manifold is an excellent choice for refrigerant blends when liquid charging is required to avoid blend fractionation. With Kwik Charger you can charge a system up to 8times faster then vapor methods with pure refrigerants.

Imperial 700 Series Features:

  • Dual Action Valve - Operates as a conventional manifold, or engage the Kwik-Charge valve and the manifold accepts liquid refrigerant from cylinder and discharges into the low side of the system. Charging rate is up to eight times faster than vapor charging.
  • Safe - Internal metering element reduces liquid flow to a level below capacity of the compressor. Assures a safe, fast charge without endangering the compressor.
  • All-In-One - No connecting or disconnecting special adapters for charging new blended refrigerants.
  • No Pressure Drop-In Cylinder - No need to heat refrigerant cylinder.
  • Works With All Refrigerants - CFC, HFC, HCFC, Zeotropic and Azeotropic.
  • Filters In All Manifold Port Fittings - To keep out particulate material that may be present during recovery or reclaim or in recovered refrigerant. Filters are easily serviceable.
  • Deep Vacuum Valve Design - Proven diaphragm type, soft seat valves require only fingertip pressure to close completely. One turn to full open/close. Superior for deep vacuum service.
  • Precision Gauges & Protective Boots - Unique gauges provide superior resistance to shock, vibration & pulsation for accurate performance and extended gauge life.
  • PolarShield Hi-Performance Hoses - 800 PSI working pressure, 4,000 PSI burst pressure - not all models include hose.
  • Ergonomic Handles - Durable, soft touch non-slip surface, even with oily fingers.
  • Swivel Hanger

Made in the USA by Ohioans

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