Inficon D-TEK CO2 Leak Detector

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Inficon D-TEK CO2 Leak Detector

Provides Consistent, Accurate Responses to Next Generation Refrigerant

As the first accurate, reliable, highly sensitive, cordless refrigerant leak detector, the original D-TEK revolutionized the field. Now we have built on that technology leadership with the D-TEK CO2, the only hand-held refrigerant leak detector designed especially to detect carbon dioxide, the next generation refrigerant.

The D-TEK CO2 uses an innovative infrared absorption sensing cell which is extremely selective to carbon dioxide, yet its circuitry allows the instrument to equalize to the CO2 present in the atmosphere, so there is minimal risk of false alarms. D-TEK CO2 maintains its sensitivity over time for consistent, accurate and reliable performance. Its specialized infrared sensor cell lasts for approximately 1,000 hours, so you buy fewer replacement parts.

Additional features include a charging status indicator, sensor failure indication, sensor test mode and rechargeable NiMH (nickel metal hydride) batteries.

ONLY Detects CO2, does not detect other refrigerants as they are chemically different.


  • Low risk of false alarms because it equalizes to the CO2 present in the air
  • 1,000-hour infrared cell life for low cost of ownership
  • Consistent and accurate response because the infrared cell does not weaken over time
  • Quick response and quick clearing (“zeroing”) from high-efficiency air sampling pump
  • NiMH battery won’t corrode and provides greater charging capacity


  • Will not react to smoke, humidity, airflow or temperature changes
  • On-board diagnostics indicate charging status and warn of low battery or infrared cell failure
  • Made in the USA
  • Two year replacement warranty

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