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Insulation/Air Sealing

Thermal Imagers or IR cameras used for air sealing  are calibrated at lower temperature levels to provide higher accuracy and sensitivity in the desired measurement range. Because these cameras are used for finding anomalies in construction and insulation ( resulting in temperature differences) rather than actual temperatures, resolution and thermal sensitivity becomes some of the most important features.  
Sensitivity is the cameras ability to discriminate between two different temperatures. Higher sensitivity result in thermal images that are better defined and easier to understand.
Resolution is similar to a digital cameras mega-pixel count. Larger resolution (240 x 180 versus 160 x 120) allows the user to gain more radiometric data or points of temperature over a larger area. For a thermographer, this means you can work further away from your test subject without loosing valuable information. It also means when working at the same distance you get better detail and more data. When doing air sealing resolution is of particular concern because the thermographer is often constricted in working distance simply by construction, 2nd or 3rd stories, vaulted ceilings or similar obstacles.

Because these cameras are often also used by work crews in less than ideal conditions consider also durability as these cameras may have a higher likelihood of being dropped. Several cameras in this selection have tough over molded construction making them ideal for these applications. 
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FLIR E8xt IR Camera w/MSX and WiFi 320 x 240 Resolution
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