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Kanomax - The Ultimate Measurements
  • Portable Airflow Measurements Portable Airflow Measurements
    Kanomax has the technician in mind when it comes to Portable Airflow Measurement. Compact and easy to use, these instruments simultaneously measure air velocity, air temperature, relative humidity, and airflow rate. Also available, Kanomax offers additional probes including a low air velocity and omni-directional probe, made with you in mind.
  • Industrial Airflow Measurements Industrial Airflow Measurements
    Kanomax also provides a complete line of instruments used in the actual test and development of HVAC equipment. Kanomax's industrial airflow measurement instruments are rugged but accurate, designed for the TAB technician.
  • Probes Probes
    Kanomax offers a large variety of probes in addition to their extensive line-up of airflow measurement tools, good for any situation.
  • Particle and Dust Counters Particle and Dust Counters
    Demand for quality indoor air continues to increase as we are spending more time indoors than ever before. Indoor air quality (IAQ) issues can be complex due to the diversity of indoor environments. To address IAQ, national and local governments have developed guidelines for acceptable indoor air quality. Assessing indoor air quality in buildings begins with IAQ investigations using professional grade measuring instruments. Kanomax has a diverse line-up of instruments to help with all your IAQ testing issues.
  • Portable Gas Monitors Portable Gas Monitors
    Kanomax instruments are preferred by professionals that must monitor and maintain industrial hygiene to ensure occupational safety, comfort, and productivity. Our portable gas monitoring instruments provide solutions for detecting and minimizing gas exposure.
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