Macurco CD-6H Carbon Dioxide Detector, Controller and Transducer (Low-Voltage)

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Macurco CD-6H Carbon Dioxide Detector, Controller and Transducer (Low-Voltage)

The CD-6H replaces the discontinued CD-6


  • 12/24V AC or 12-32VDC
  • White Housing
  • 5A SPDT Fan control relay
  • 0.5A N.O. or N.C. Alarm Relay
  • Selectable Fan and Alarm Relay Actuation Settings
  • Digital Display (0-5000ppm of CO2), Internal Buzzer
  • Coverage Area: 5,000 sq. ft.
  • 4-20mA current loop
  • Mounts to a Standard 4" x 4" Electrical Box (not included)

The Macurco CD-6H is a low voltage, dual relay Carbon Dioxide (CO2) detector, controller and transducer. The CD-6H has selectable 4-20 mA output, buzzer and digital display options. It is an electronic detection system used to measure the concentration of Carbon Dioxide and provide feedback and automatic exhaust fan control to help maintain appropriate Carbon Dioxide concentrations in commercial applications. The CD-6H is a low level meter capable of detecting from 0-5000 ppm of Carbon Dioxide.

CO2 is heavier than air. Mounting height will be dependent on the application. For applications with CO2 tanks mount about one foot above the floor. For Indoor Air Quality mount detector at breathing level, ~ 5 feet (1.5 meters) above the floor. Mount on a wall or column in a central area where the air gets refreshed on a regular basis. The unit typically covers up to about 5,000 sq.ft. (465 square meters). Additional detectors may be needed near any areas where people work or where the air is stagnant. The CD-6H mounts on a 4x4 electrical box supplied by the contractor. Do not install the CD-6H inside another box unless it has good air flow through it. Do NOT mount the CD-6H where the normal temperature is below 32°F or exceeds 122°F (below 0°C or above 50°C).

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