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Principal of Electronic Vacuum Measurement

As atmosphere is removed during evacuation the ability to transfer heat by conduction to surrounding air becomes weaker and weaker.  Therefore vacuum is easily and accurately read with thermocouple gauges with a preheated sensing element. As the vacuum gets deeper and deeper the sensor simply gets hotter and hotter because there are fewer molecules to conduct away the heat. The change in temperature of the thermocouple can then be related to the level of degassing and dehydration of the piping and components of the system. Accutools and BluVac both use thermocouple technology for precise vacuum measurement.

Thermocouple gauges for vacuum have several advantages over other technology including:

  • Rugged construction that can withstand shock and vibration
  • The sensing element is not damaged when the sensor is released to atmospheric pressure
  • The sensing element is less subject to contamination than that of a Parani gauge
  • The sensing element can easily be cleaned with a solvent like acetone or alcohol
  • Because the sensor is completely enclosed it is not easily contaminated

Some additional advantages of the BluVac Gauge

  • Can be field calibrated
  • Built in sensing for contamination
  • Can measure accurately in low temperatures
  • Many productivity features

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Fieldpiece Digital Micron Vacuum Gauge - SVG3 with alarms
$179.00  $143.20
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Appion AV760 Wireless Vacuum Gauge
$499.00  $349.00
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Testo 552 Digital Vacuum Gauge with BlueTooth and Coupler
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Thermal Thermistor Vacuum Gauge 4501
ships in 5 to 10 days
Accutools 10695 1/4
$19.95  $14.95
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BluVac 10622 Rubber Boot
in stock
Thermal 4510 Replacement Vacuum Sensor
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