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TEC Minneapolis Blower Door System with DG-700
Minneapolis Blower Door

TEC Minneapolis Blower Door System with DG-700

Part Number:BD3ALSD7#
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The Minneapolis Blower Door

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The Minneapolis Blower Door has long been recognized as one of the best designed and supported building air tightness testing systems in the world. Combined with specialized accessories and testing procedures developed by The Energy Conservatory, the Minneapolis Blower Door is widely used by utility DSM programs, energy raters, HVAC contractors and weatherization professionals.


  • Lightweight, rugged, injection molded fan housing
  • Precise, stable flow measurements without the need for gauge dampening
  • The Model 3 Fan provides quick and accurate flow measurements from 300 to 6,100 CFM (includes Flow Rings A and B)
  • Optional Flow Rings C, D and E will measure down to 11 CFM
  • Variable fan speed control (solid state - cruise control compatible)
  • Operates on110V/60 Hz
The Energy Conservatory's Blower Door can be configured with 2 or 3 fans in a single door frame for testing larger buildings or dwellings (see related products below for more information on these multi-fan systems).

TECTITE™ Building Airtightness Testing Software (Windows Based) 
• Calculates building airtightness test results including leakage areas, ACH50, CFM50, building leakage curve, estimated natural and design infiltration rates and the estimated savings of air-sealing. 
• Compatible with both manual blower door tests and automated tests using a DG-700 or APT System. 
• Calculation procedures and reports are done in accordance with CGSB-149.10-M86. Mechanical ventilation requirements calculated in accordance with ASHRAE 62.2. 
• Easy to use data entry screens, file storage and file retrieval features. 
• RESNET testing options

Choose Options

Zippered Cordura fan case [+$154.00]
Padded zippered Cordura fan case [+$375.00]
Flow Rings
Flow Ring C (85 CFM) [+$88.00]
Flow Ring E (11CFM) MUST HAVE RING D to mount [+$33.00]
Flow Ring D (30 CFM) [+$61.00]
Pressure Pan
Pressure Pan - Standard Size [+$85.00]
Pressure Pan - Large Size [+$105.00]
Thermal Imagers
Testo 875 1i Thermal Imager [+$2,195.00]
Testo 875 2i Thermal Imager [+$3,695.00]
Fluke TiS 9HZ Thermal Imager [+$1,999.95]
Fluke TIR 9HZ Thermal Imager [+$4,495.00]
Crew CamIR®-Rugged Black and White Thermal Imager [+$4,150.00]
Air Flow Metering Devices
True Flow Air Handler Flow Meter (365 - 2,100 CFM) [+$850.00]
Exhaust Fan Flow Meter (10 - 120 CFM) [+$180.00]
Minneapolis Duct Blaster® System
Minneapolis Duct Blaster® System [+$2,305.00]
Duct Mask Register Sealing Film
6 rolls, 8” wide - 200’ long [+$180.00]
2 rolls, 24” wide - 200’ long [+$180.00]
Additional Accessories
DG700 WIFI link [+$275.00]
Duct/Envelope OnLine Training
Duct/Envelope OnLine Training [+$295.00]

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