DucTester Powered Flow Hood
DucTester Powered Flow Hood

Retrotec PP105 DucTester Powered Flow Hood

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Retrotec PP105 DucTester Powered Flow Hood

Use this flow hood attachment on your DucTester or DuctBlaster® to create a powered flow hood of your own!

Overview Features:

  • Easily convert your DucTester (or TEC Duct Blaster®) to a powered flow hood
  • Measure supply, return, and ventilation flows
  • Measure total system air flow
  • Comes with a flange to fit the flex on your DucTester or Duct Blaster®
  • Come with two handles that can be attached to extension poles


Set Up:

  • With one end of the flex duct connected to the DucTester or DuctBlaster® securely place the other end of the flex on the hood attachment.
  • Connect a hose from the port on the flow hood attachment to Channel A to measure the "under hood pressure".
  • Set your digital pressure gauge (RETROTEC DM32 or TEC DG-700 or DG-1000) to seek 0 Pascals.
  • Have the digital pressure gauge (RETROTEC DM32 or TEC DG-700 or DG-1000) set up to read Pascals on Channel A and CFM on Channel B.


  • Place the flow hood attachment over the grill/vent you wish to measure while the air handler/ventilation fan is running as it normally would be.
  • Turn on the DucTester/Duct Blaster® and have it seek zero on Channel A.
  • The reading on Channel B is the CFM flow through the grill/vent!

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