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Pro-Tech 8505 Commercial Carbon Monoxide Monitor (OSHA levels)
Pro-Tech 8505 Commercial Carbon Monoxide Monitor

Pro-Tech 8505 Commercial Carbon Monoxide Monitor (OSHA levels)

Part Number:8505
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Pro-Tech 8505

Commercial Carbon Monoxide Monitor with Digital Display

DISCONTINUED - See the CD8110 and CD8180 as a replacement.

Caution! In California and other applicable jurisdictions, your workplace may limit carbon monoxide exposure to a ceiling of 200 ppm. This monitor is designed to activate audible and visual alarm signals at 200 ppm within 3-5 minutes of detection, but not instantly. Additional carbon monoxide detection instruments and equipment should be used if your workplace requires that workers be immediately alerted and evacuated whenever 200 ppm or more is detected."

The PRO-TECH 8505 Battery Powered Commercial Carbon Monoxide Monitor includes an electrochemical sensor, continuous digital display, peak level memory, duration and time of peak level, TWA readout, sensor life monitor, and manual backlight.

Carbon monoxide (CO) levels are sampled and recorded every 5 seconds by a state-of-the-art electrochemical sensor. CO levels detected from 10 to 500 ppm are automatically displayed in the LCD readout. When a chronic carbon monoxide level of 30ppm or more is detected, a flashing Red LED and 85db pulsating alarm are activated.

Pressing the reset button temporarily mutes the audible signal while the carbon monoxide level is rechecked. If the monitor continues to detect carbon monoxide levels of 20 ppm or more, the audible and visual alarm signals will reactivate automatically within 5 minutes. If carbon monoxide levels drop below 20 ppm, the alarm signals will not be reactivated.

The highest carbon monoxide level detected from 10 to 500 ppm, the duration of the peak level, how long ago the peak occurred, and the average CO level detected for the previous 8 hours can be displayed by pressing the memory button. An internal clock monitors the sensor life and activates visual and audible sensor expiration signals after two years.

The Pro-Tech 8505 Commercial Carbon Monoxide Monitor complies with OSHA and NIOSH exposure limits. Backed by a one year limited factory warranty.

Alarm Basics:

  • Battery Powered Commercial CO Monitor Standard 9vDC Battery
  • Alpha-Numeric LCD Digital Display
  • Memory with 7-Day History
  • Manual Backlight
  • Electrochemical Sensor
  • Sensor Life Monitor
  • Sample Frequency: 5 seconds
  • Display Resolution: 1ppm
  • Accuracy: +/-5% or 5ppm*
  • Self-Diagnostic Circuitry
  • Test and Mute Button
  • Separate Memory Recall Button
  • Power On: Flashing Green LED
  • Operating Temp: 40°F to 100°F
  • Case Color: White
  • Case Size 5½" x 3½" x 1¼"
  • Automatic Continuous Display of Current CO Levels from 10-500 ppm
  • Manually Displays Peak CO Level Detected from 10-500 ppm
  • Manually Displays Time Duration of Peak CO Level and How Long Ago Occurred
  • Manually Displays TWA for Previous Eight Hours


Alarm Signals:

  • REL Alarm: 30ppm = 7 hrs TWA
  • PEL Alarm: 45ppm = 6 hrs TWA
  • Acute Alarm: 95ppm = 1 hr TWA
  • Ceiling Alarm: 190ppm @ 15 secs
  • Audible Alarm Signal: 85db @ 10 ft
  • Visual Alarm Signals: Flashing Red LED; Displays Current CO Level Detected
  • Malfunction Signals: 2 Beeps/min; Flashing Red LED; Displays "Err"
  • Low Battery Signals: 1 Beep/min; Flashing Green LED; Displays Low Battery Icon
  • Sensor Expiration Signals at Two Years: 1 Beep/min; Flashing RedLED; Displays "End"


  • Complies with OSHA and NIOSH Exposure Limits
  • One-Year Limited Factory Warranty

Unit only detects Carbon Monoxide (CO)

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