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Nylog Blue
Nylog Blue

Nylog Blue

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Nylog Blue

Gasket/Thread Sealant, HFC


Vacuum can be a tricky thing to measure especially when things leak. One drop of Nylog on your rubber hose gaskets prior to attaching your core tools, hoses or vacuum gauge will assure that things do not bind or leak during evacuation.

A viscoelastic liquid derived from refrigeration grade lubricants. Non-hardening, non-drying fluid which bonds tenaciously to many different substrates. Typically, one drop of Nylog can be stretched about three feet before breaking.

NYLOG BLUE is compatible with all Refrigerants

  • Use on all Flare or Tapered Pipe Fittings and as a Gasket or O-ring Sealant.
  • Excellent for sealing Schrader valve cores.
  • Will not contaminate, clog, restrict or cause any system fouling or failure.

NYLOG renders a strong, flexible, lubricative glaze that prevents high pressure leakage through refrigeration gaskets and threaded fittings.

NYLOG never hardens and always remains temperature and vibration resilient.

NYLOG BLUE is fully miscible with all refrigeration fluids and can be used for high tack lubrication on internal compressor parts, system valves, seals and much more.

Since Nylog is a Refrigeration fluid (oil), all sealed system parts can be pre-lubricated. Typical uses include coating of pistons, cylinders, rods, rings and valves. Refrigerant leakage is greatly reduced when shaft seals are coated with Nylog.

Coated Schrader valve cores do not leak and their depressors remain lubricated. Pre-lubed solenoids, actuators, unloaders or ball valves are prevented from binding.


Synthetic refrigeration oil


The Blue Label Nylog, passed the sealed tube test in mixtures of POE, PAG, mineral, and alkyl benzene oils in the presence of HFC-134a, and also in cross blends of CFC and HCFC refrigerants. Nylog Blue has recently passed seal tube testing with R-410a in POE and PVE lubricants.


The Blue Label Nylog can be used universally or specifically with an HFC bound synthetic oil system.

Manufacturer's note:

"Use the blue on anything and for everything. The red is sold only because many techs still do not know that the oils can be mixed, and that POE (blue) can be used with any refrigerant."

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