Retrotec TR180 House leakage training simulator

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Retrotec TR180 House leakage training simulator

The Building Simulator is a product for trainers wishing to simulate an enclosure during a live training course with Blower Door systems.

The Building Simulator represents a house with adjustable leakage that can be measured to simulate a Blower Door air leakage Test. The simulator represents any building and lets you adjust leakage from house-to-outdoors so you can practice with a Blower Door. The inside of the tent represents the “outdoors”, while the room in which you are standing represents the inside of the building.

Requires use of a blower door system for the demonstration (sold separately)


  • Easy set up and break down
  • Adjustable leakage amounts using Velcro sliders
  • The House Simulator can be connected to a Duct Simulator to demonstrate the Duct Leakage to Outdoors Test

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