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Retrotec GR117 Blue Grill Mask Case (Pack of 4 Rolls)

Retrotec GR117 Blue Grill Mask Case (Pack of 4 Rolls)

Part Number:GR117
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Grill Mask is not all the same quality. For duct tightness pressure testing, there are two grades, low tack and high tack. Retrotec grill mask is a high tack product. It costs more and less at the same time. While low tack is cheaper, it does come loose from time to time, particularly over extended testing periods. This results in labor losses tracking down leaks that don't exist. So while it costs a little more up front, high tack mask will save you money on the back end. Lost labor costs are definitely more than the difference! Try it, you will see the difference.

NOTE: Please take care when using this product on freshly painted or stained surfaces.

Retrotec Grill Mask is ideal for covering holes and duct registers when testing enclosures, houses or duct work. Our self adhesive grill mask comes in easy to you perforated rolls perfect for use in the field. The adhesive sticks firmly, but wont peel paint.

Details: Case of three rolls is 13 pounds and is 12 x 15 x 9 in size

Each roll of Grill Mask is 215 feet long and 12 (wide) x15 inches. Perforations every 12 inches make it easy to tear off.

Recommended Accessories: Retrotec's Grill Mask Dispenser makes applying large quantities of Grill Mark easy to do.

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