Retrotec US310 Blower Door with Model 300 Fan - Large Cloth Panel

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Retrotec US310 Blower Door with Model 300 Fan - Large Cloth Panel

Over two years of development work and 4 injection molds later, the Model 300 has emerged as a unique and versatile testing system. More power but a lot less weight too and the ability to run for hours on batteries! The same fan makes an ideal duct tester. The Model 300 measures flows down to only 2/1000 of a CFM (1/1000 l/s), which is low enough to measure a light switch or the leakage of a single nail hole with optional low flow plates.

Super accuracy has been accomplished by the super tight tolerances of totally injection molded flow measurement parts and a unique flow pressure pickup guide fins that allow for super low but stable flow measurement. Nothing has ever been built with so much flow measurement innovation.

The Aluminum Frame has quick connect injection molded corners that decrease set up time with our snap together, snap apart frame while reducing leakage by 75%. Making this the perfect Passive House frame.

300 Model Fans DO NOT work with the DM-2 digital gauge.

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