Retrotec US5210 Blower Door with Model 5000 Double Fan - Large Cloth Panel

Part Number: US5210
Price: $6,595.00
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Retrotec US5210 Blower Door with Model 5000 Double Fan - Large Cloth Panel

Most flow per $

This system gives you the most flow for the least money. You can even create two separate US 5100 systems by adding another single hole cloth panel. Large frame has 3 crossbars to securely hold two fans in one door way.

Who uses it?

  • Energy Auditors
  • HVAC Contractors
  • Building Contractors & Remodelers
  • Home Inspectors

Why Buy This Model?

  • Test larger or leakier buildings.
  • Capable of measuring air leakage in both small to medium sized commercial or multi-family buildings
  • The included Large Aluminum Frame Cloth Door Panel accommodates those enclosures that have larger than standard doorways.

Retrotec Advantages

  • Easy to learn & use. Perform a test in minutes.
  • Color coded. Match up tubing colors to gauge colors. It's that simple.
  • Full Package. Everything you need to start testing imediately (including our powerful digital gauge)
  • Read results in any units. Get CFM, sq ft or ACH50 right on the gauge
  • rCloud compatible. Auto test, report, and share with ease.
  • Quick setup & teardown. Snap together, snap apart frame.
  • 10-year fan shell warranty. They're built to last.

5000/6000 series blower doors DO NOT work with the DM-2 digital gauge.

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