Retrotec US5100 Blower Door - no Gauge

Part Number: US5100 - no Gauge
Price: $2,495.00
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Retrotec US5101 Blower Door - No Manometer

WITHOUT the Digital Manometer (DM32) and without manometer batteries or power supply.

Formerly: Model 1101 and Q46.

The new 5101 is even faster and easier to use. Nothing comes close to the value of the Model 5101.

Most popular for testing houses and small commercial. Outsells all other makes and models.

One big reason for its popularity is you don’t have to attend a training course to learn how to use it. Just read the Quick Guide, maybe watch the video and in 15 minutes, you’ve performed your first test. Another reason, this performance leader gets 6700 CFM (11,383 m3/h) out of its ¾ hp motor which is more than any competitive unit because if its efficient size and sophisticated on board speed control. Adjust the fan speed manually using the control knob, or the TV-remote style control on the gauge, or Set to Pressure which works like Cruise Control on your car or fully automatically with the free FanTestic PC software package.

The Aluminum Frame has exclusive snap together, snap apart frame corners. A second crossbar is included for superior grip into the doorway and panel leakage reduction of 75% over any other door panel. Mount the Gauge on the upper crossbar using the clip on the gauge or use the Gauges super magnets to attach it to any steel surface.

Read out results in any units required by any standard worldwide. Get CFM, sq ft or ACH50 for example right on the gauge without a computer.

Read on about at least 15 exclusive features you will find only with Retrotec who is the world’s largest and most advanced blower door manufacturer.

We even have a 10 year warranty on our fan shell because you can’t break it.

Check out our great options or look at the rest of our wide Model range.

5000/6000 series blower doors DO NOT work with the DM-2 digital gauge.

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