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Fieldpiece SMAN460 Performance Test Kit (3 Products)

Part Number:SMANK3.1
Fieldpiece SMAN460 Performance Test Kit (3 Products)
Fieldpiece SMAN460 wireless digital gauges
On Sale:$999.95


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The Fieldpiece SMAN460 Performance Test Kit

(this is a kit with 3 products, If you want the SMAN 460 alone, click on this LINK)

The Fieldpiece SMANK3 is a TruTech Tools exclusive kit at a special price designed for the contractor that wants to take performance and service to the next level. With an awesome suite of tools that address issues of airflow, refrigerant charge and system performance the SMAN460 kit will not only make your job easier, but it will go faster and provide you with results that are hard to emulate with even the most complex and expensive instruments available.

The goal is to deliver designed capacity, superior comfort and to reduce if not completely eliminate all call backs. Several studies have confirmed that over 70% of A/C systems have charge and airflow problems, meaning that you or or technicians will be able to identify and correct issues on the majority of systems you service resulting on more billable hours and increased profits. The key is knowing, and if you don't measure you really don't know.

The SMAN460 Kit Includes:

  • Fieldpiece SMAN460 Digital Refrigeration Gauge for accurate and quick refrigerant charging
  • Fieldpiece STA2 Hot Wire Anemometer for precise temperature compensated airflow measurements directly in CFM
  • Fieldpiece SDP2 Dual In-Duct Psychrometer for accurate return air wet bulb for charging and direct change in enthalpy for determining capacity

For detailed descriptions and features of each tool click on the tabs above.

Recommended Options:

  • Use an additional wireless transmitter with standard duel temperature head to calculate real time target superheat when used with the SDP2 wireless wet bulb transmission.

Need more insight on how to use the kit and performance test equipment with the Fieldpiece SMAN460 Kit go HERE!

Choose Options

Wireless Transmitters
1st Transmitter [+$67.00]
2nd Transmitter [+$67.00]
1st Wireless Transmitter and Handle [+$106.40]
2nd Wireless Transmitter and Handle [+$106.40]
Accessory Heads
Dual-Temperature Accessory ? ATH4 [+$79.00]
2nd Dual-Temperature Accessory ? ATH4 [+$79.00]
Current Clamp ACH4 [+$45.00]
HVAC Wireless Guides
Wireless HVAC Guide
Manometer for Static Pressures
Dual-Port Manometer - SDMN5 [+$119.20]
Wireless Productivity
JL2 - Job Link Wireless App Transmitter [+$191.20]

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