Fieldpiece SRS3 Wireless Refrigerant Scale 252 lb

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Fieldpiece SRS3 Wireless Refrigerant Scale

The SRS3 Wireless Refrigerant Scale combines modern wireless electronics and rugged materials to perform at the high level you demand. The platform is made of thick aluminum to maintain accuracy over the life of the product. Rubber pad and bumpers cushion both the tank and the scale itself. A new wireless protocol sends platform measurements to both the included remote display and the Fieldpiece Job LinkTM mobile system app (available August 2017). Platform electronics are sealed to block the occasional moisture seen from rain and splashing. Hang the remote display from a condenser or anywhere metallic and easy to see. The magnetic folding hat holds it right where you put it.

Use the SRS3 wireless scale with the included handle or with Job Link Mobile System app. With Job Link you can receive your live weight measurement directly on your mobile device. Add weight into your Job Link mobile system reports, keep records of refrigerant use, or monitor wieht from a distance. Handle wireless range is 100', Job Link mobile system range is 250'.

  • Connect to Job Link Mobile System App*
    • Send live weights directly to your device
    • Record and document refrigerant use
  • Long range wireless
  • Flat top bumpers for larger cylinders
  • Max load 252 lbs (114 kg)
  • View units your way
    • Pounds and ounces
    • Pounds only
    • Ounces only
    • Kilograms and grams
    • Kilograms only
    • Grams only

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