Alloy Sol Aluminum Repair and Joining Rods - 5 Rod Pack (Rods 18" Long)

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SolderWeld Alloy Sol Aluminum Repair and Joining Rods

This product is packaged in a hanging capable tube and does not fit in the Orange Canister "HVAC Kit".

AlloySol is a unique and revolutionary aluminum repair rod for making strong and permanent repairs to aluminum tubing and microchannel in real field conditions. It works great on fin-tube, spine fin and microchannel coil repairs on the high and low side of the system as well as rub out leaks in aluminum u-bends and feed tubes. AlloySol has a working temperature of 600 degrees making it easy to work with without damaging the aluminum. The Alloysol flux is easy to apply and allows for a strong bond even in less than perfectly clean situations. The unique makeup of AlloySol makes it perfect for patching leaks without drawing in too much material into the tubing and contaminating it. With a 30,000 PSI bond, the AlloySol patch will hold up even in the harshest environments.

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