Testo 300 LL - Commercial Combustion Analyzer with Printer

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Testo 300 LL - Commercial Combustion Analyzer

Truly smart combustion measurement.

Truly smart combustion analysis: that is what the testo 300 stands for. The compact combustion analyzer is fully operated via the large touch display - you can see all the measuring values without scrolling. The scratch-resistant screen in embedded in a robust housing which remains reliable even in tough day-to-day working conditions. Menus for the most important measurements are already stored in the testo 300 and reliably guide you through the relevant application.

The combustion analyzer is not familiar with waiting times or start-up phases, it is immediately ready to go at the touch of a button in standby mode. Documentation is dealt with just as quickly – with the testo 300, reports can be created and sent directly on site, with WiFi connection.

This Testo 300 Kit features a 4 year warranty. Extend your warranty 1 year extra for FREE by registering your device with Testo.
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  • Large scratch-resistant 5" HD display with smart-touch operation and replaceable protective film
  • Stored, intuitive menus for all relevant measurements
  • 4 strong magnets with rubber coating for material friendly mounting
  • Ready to measure at the touch of a button in standby mode
  • Optional: NO sensor - can be retrofitted
  • E-mailing of reports directly on site

Providing reliably accurate results is not enough. A contemporary combustion analyzer also makes all work steps as easy as possible for you, both before and after the measurement, as well as in terms of the measurement itself. The user-friendly testo 300 was developed with precisely this objective in mind. It is not just decades of experience in measuring technology. With smart-touch operation, robust construction and e-mailing of reports, the testo 300 will quickly become your indispensable companion for all measuring tasks involving heating.

Operation via smart-touch
The smart-touch display responds immediately without any delay. That allows intuitive operation – just as easy as on your smartphone.

E-mailing of reports
The testo 300 enables the convenient creation of documentation directly on site. And the dictation function even saves you typing in the process. You can send reports to the office or customers immediately via WiFi.

Keep an eye on all the measuring values
You can see all the system's parameters right away on the large 5" HD display

Get the result faster
Clearly structured menus for all relevant measurements are already stored in the measuring instrument and guide you efficiently through the application.

Ready to use right away
No more waiting time. In standby mode, the testo 300 is ready to measure at the touch of a button.

Completely worry-free
The testo 300 has quality sensor technology, measures high CO values up to 30,000 ppm and comes standard with the longest warranty in the industry.

Customers / Measuring site
Integrated address book with details of the relevant heating system (e.g. manufacturer, system type, system name, serial no., fuel, etc.).

Intuitive measurement menus
Clearly structured and explicit menus for all applications involving heating systems are already stored in the testo 300. This allows you to do your jobs even more efficiently.

Professional documentation
Create measurement reports with all the information about readings, customers and heating systems directly on site, add comments to them, have the reports confirmed by the customer’s signature and send the tests. You can also store your company logo. All PDF reports with all the important information are also saved in the instrument, so that they are always readily available.

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For warranty registration you can find the model and serial number on the back of the unit.

Testo Serial and Model Number Example

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