Testo "Intermediate" Airflow Kit

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The Testo "Intermediate" Airflow Kit 

The Testo 416 used for measuring airflow in the duct. Just enter the duct area measurements directly into the 416 and you're ready to go! For more information, click here.

Testo 416 Key Features: 

  • Direct display of volume flow (CFM)
  • Multi-point and timed mean calculations
  • Max - Min values make comparisons fast and easy

The Testo 510 - used for measuring manifold pressure, total external static pressure, and pressure drops across the indoor coil or filter. The 510 is also capable of measuring air velocity using a Pitot Tube. For more information, click here.

Testo 510 Key Features:

  • Display in Pascal possible over entire measurement range
  • 0-40 inH20 range (0 - 9999 Pascal)
  • Low Range Accuracy: 3 Pa (0 to 30 Pa) or 0.01 inH2O  (0 to 0.12 inH2O)

To see these tools in action, click here!

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