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Tools and Test Equipment

EGIA and TrutechTools - Energy Program

Tools and Test Equipment Kits

EGIA has partnered with TruTech Tools to offer discounted energy audit and building performance equipment to reEnergize Program Contractors. Select from the "Good, Better, Best kits" which offer a hand picked selection of Blower Doors, Duct Leakage Testers, Combustion Analyzers, Gas Leak Detectors and Much More!

Main reasons why contractors use this equipment:

Blower Door: Determine air infiltration loss in a home or building

DuctTester: Determine distribution air duct loss in a home or building

Gas Leak Detector: Find fuel gas leaks

Combustion Analyzer: Check combustion systems for safe (CO) operation

Personal CO Monitor: Be sure occupant and worker is working in a safe environment especially during CAZ depressurization testing

Thermal Imager: Quickly spot areas of thermal loss or gain. Visualize air leakage patterns to recommend air sealing work

Smoke Puffer: Visualize air leakage patterns to recommend air sealing work

Pressure Pan: Determine duct work leakage to the outside

Exhaust Fan Flow meter: Test for ASHRAE 62 fan flow

Laser Distance Meter: One person measurement of areas and volumes for energy audit report and calculations

VideoScope: Determine insulation levels in walls and attics. Check heat exchangers on furnaces

Vent caps: Reusable way to seal ducts before duct leakage tests (in place of throwaway duct mask)

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