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TEC Minneapolis Trainer - Duct and Envelope Simulator

TEC Minneapolis Trainer - Duct and Envelope Simulator

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New from the Energy Conservatory - The TEC Trainer

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The TEC Trainer is an excellent way of displaying the setup and operation of the blower door system in a classroom setting. It can also be used to give students some hands on practice setting up and running a blower Door test. Use the DG-700 Simulator software (available from the TEC website to project the DG-700 on a screen during your demonstration.

The TEC Trainer can be used to demonstrate 4 different processes including

  • Blower door tests
  • Duct leakage tests
  • Total duct leakage tests
  • Duct leakage to outside tests

Traditional blower door tests can be practiced in the classroom with sliding panels to simulate envelope leakage. Readings change in real time showing students visually what the blower door is measuring.

Duct leakage testing requires installation of the flex duct work assembly that comes with the TEC Trainer.

Tests can be performed by using the blower door to either pressurize or depressurize the trainer enclosure. Blower door tests should typically be done without the flex duct work installed inside the enclosure.

The Total duct leakage test will measure all leaks in the duct system, including leaks inside the enclosure and leaks to outside of the enclosure. This test can be performed both by pressurizing or depressurizing the duct work.

The Duct leakage to outside test will measure only leaks in the duct system that are to outside of the enclosure. This test requires simultaneous use of both the Duct Blaster® and Blower Door systems (sold separately). During the test, a blower door fan is used to pressurize (or depressurize) the enclosure while the Duct Blaster® fan is used to pressurize (or depressurize) the duct system to the same pressure as the enclosure. Because the duct system and the enclosure will be at the same pressure, there will be little or no leakage between the duct system and the enclosure during the test.

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