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Retrotec US-6101 Blower Door - no Wifi

Retrotec US-6101 Blower Door - no Wifi

Part Number:US6101
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Retrotec US-6101 Blower Door with out Wifi

Formerly: Model 3101 and Q4E

Recognized by The Building Performance Institute, Inc. (BPI) to meet or exceed industry standards

The new 6101 is even faster, easier to use with much more professional appearance.

All the features of a Model 5101 but double the power. The variable frequency drive gives fast and steady speed control making this system ideal for testing very large residential homes and commercial buildings with a single fan. The added power increases the range of test pressures that can be created without changing ranges mid test. The stability of control reduces the fan’s response to wind and holds the test pressure more constant, making tests faster and more accurate. New guide fins over the flow sensors decrease sensitivity to wind by 75%. System accessory and fan cases are optional with the 5101 but included in this Model 6101 system.

The Model 6100 performs fully automatic testing using the gauge, a laptop and FanTestic software. Alternatively, simply key the desired test pressure into the gauge and read “Air Changes” or “leakage per unit area” in real time directly from the touchscreen gauge; a unique and highly sought after Retrotec feature. The gauge also offers an onboard "Set-and-Forget" control of building pressure. All you need to do is choose your desired pressure, and then let the gauge do the rest. As you seal the leaks in your enclosure and the leakage rate decreases, the gauge automatically and instantly adjusts the fan speed to keep the enclosure at the correct pressure.

Software provided with the DM32 touchscreen gauge provides automatic data logging and remote gauge control from a laptop. With our new 5 year recommended calibration interval on the DM32, you will have the peace of mind knowing that yearly calibrations are a thing of the past.

This system will test a wide range of enclosures, from super leaky to super tight. This high output fan includes 6 standard + 3 optional low flow ranges to provide accurate results over the widest range of enclosure volumes. All Retrotec fans are made with extremely durable space-age hard plastic, which makes them both lightweight and tough.

The optional high pressure cloth panel opens up other applications where more pressure is required such as rain penetration tests.

6000 Models DO NOT work with the DM-2 digital gauge.

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