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  • Vacuum Gauges \ Micron Gauges Vacuum Gauges \ Micron Gauges
    Micron gauges are used to determine proper levels of vacuum in air conditioning systems prior to charging with refrigerant. Proper degassing and dehydration are critical to proper performance and to assure a long equipment life. The Accutools BluVac and the Thermal analog gauges are two of the best rated and best performing vacuum gauges available for air conditioning and refrigeration vacuum measurement. Tried, Tested and True.
  • Recovery Kits Recovery Kits
  • Recovery Machines Recovery Machines
  • Vacuum Pumps Vacuum Pumps
  • Evacuation and Vacuum Kits Evacuation and Vacuum Kits
    Increase your productivity, save money and do the job right in record time with kits specifically designed for evacuation and vacuum measurement. TruTech Tools kits contain all of the recommend tools including hoses, connecters, manifolds, gauges for a quick and easy evacuation.
  • Vacuum Hoses and Manifolds Vacuum Hoses and Manifolds
    Save time and money. STOP using 1/4" hoses for evacuation! Large hoses are the most important factor in performing a quick evacuation. 1/2" hoses can reduce time by a factor of 16. Appion vacuum rated hoses are available in kits or as singles, are rated for R410a, and are very flexible.
  • Vacuum Rated Core Tools Vacuum Rated Core Tools
    Core tools are one of the most important components of a proper evacuation rig. Removing the cores allows for a full unrestricted flow through the service port significantly decreasing both evacuation and or recovery times. Appion Core tools work both under vacuum and under pressure.
  • Vacuum Sealant Vacuum Sealant
    Use Vacuum Sealants to eliminate leaks in your vacuum rig.
  • Vacuum Pump Oil Vacuum Pump Oil
  • Parts and Accessories Parts and Accessories
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