Vent Cap Big Daddy Complete Combo for Duct Testing

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Vent Cap Total Home Pack

For the serious professional, the "Big Daddy" includes all of our best-selling duct leakage testing equipment in one convenient package. With the Big Daddy, you'll have plenty of Vent Caps for sealing supply vents, enough Larges to seal those pesky bedroom returns, a full-size return air cover with two different attachment options, and a Pole RAT to set your Vent Caps remotely — so you can quit lugging that ladder around. Simply throw the return air cover up, attach the flex duct, and you're ready to start duct testing!

Save time performing your duct leakage tests by ditching the tape and the ladder. The Big Daddy has everything you need to save time, money, and stay safe (while also protecting your customers’ walls and ceilings).


  • 19 Original Vent Caps
  • 1 Single Vent Cap with 1/4" Barbed Adapter*
  • 5 Pole RAT
  • 5 Large Vent Caps
  • 1 24" x 30" Return Air Cover

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