24 x 30 Return - No Foam

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24 x 30 Return - No Foam

Sealing HVAC systems for duct leakage testing has long been a cumbersome and time consuming task. With the arrival of Vent Cap Systems - back in 2009 - sealing supply side air vents twice as fast; yet the biggest pain point remained. Sealing a return air grill not only involves sealing a larger grill, but also installing the square to round flex duct flange, requiring even more tape (Duct Mask® / Grill Mask), not to mention having the whole thing come crashing down after you attach the flex duct.

The Return Air System now features a solid aluminum support bracket, including the threaded insert, with longer support brackets allowing you to apply equal support across all four corners. Simply attach the flex-duct, insert your floor to ceiling pole, and raise it to surround the return air grill.

*Painter's Pole Not Included

*Foam Gasket Sold Separately - if desired

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