Viper Heat Blocking Gel - 1 Quart
Viper Heat Blocking Gel - 1 Quart

Viper Heat Blocking Gel - 1 Quart

Part Number: RT410S
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Viper Heat Blocking Gel

Viper Heat Blocking Gel is a must use product to prevent fire or heat damage when using an open flame around wood, drywall, fabric and other combustible material. Spray on all surfaces to protect and block heat transfer to valves and other heat sensitive components when conducting low temperature brazing or soldering. For high temperature brazing, soldering or welding we recommend our Viper Heat Blocking Putty, part #RT400P.

This water based formulation will not produce any toxic fumes or harmful chemical by-products.

Clean-up is easy, just wipe off with a clean rag.

Viper Heat Blocking Gel will not leave behind a residue or discolor material and is Freeze/Thaw stable.


  • Fire Resistant
    • Use and a flame and fire retardant to protect surfaces from direct heat
  • Conductive Heat
    • Blocks conductive heat transfer to protect sensitive parts
  • Food Safe
    • Approved for use around food

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