Zero Toys SmokPoint Air Flow Indicator

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Zero Toys SmokPoint Air Flow Indicator

Introducing the *new* SmokPoint Air Flow Indicator!

We have redesigned every component of the Dragon Puffer Air Flow Indicator to give our new product enhanced fog/vapor production and a better design. Although the new SmokPoint performs the same basic functions as  the Dragon Puffer, The SmokPoint Air Flow Indicator now has an option for a continuous stream of fog/vapor when the Vapor Lever is fully squeezed. Each SmokPoint Air Flow Indicator comes with attachable Cone to create a laminar flow or focus the plume of vapor if necessary. The SmokPoint can be used with or without the Cone.  Each SmokPoint comes also comes with a 3 oz bottle of NEW Super Fluid. We have reformulated and simplified our previous fog fluid to create a thicker, more defined plume of smoke.

The new SmokPoint Air Flow Indicator can be used in the following situations:

  • Home Weatherization Testing for fuel efficiency
  • Clean Room air testing
  • Vent Hood testing
  • Any air flow environment
  • Fireplace / Chimney leakage testing

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