Zero Toys SmokPoint Air Flow Kit

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Zero Toys SmokPoint Air Flow Kit

Introducing the *new* SmokPoint Air Flow Indicator!

The NEW SmokPoint Air Flow Kit with Hard Case is designed for a HVAC/Energy Audit Contactor to easily access the SmokPoint and its accessories to provide air flow testing for any environment. The primary component of the kit, the NEW SmokPoint Air Flow Indicator is a new and improved version of the Dragon Puffer Air Flow Indicator that has been completely redesigned with enhanced fog/vapor production and a more comfortable design.  Although the new SmokPoint performs the same basic functions as the Dragon Puffer, The SmokPoint Air Flow Indicator now has an option for a continuous stream of fog/vapor when the Vapor Lever is fully squeezed. Each SmokPoint Air Flow Indicator comes with attachable Cone to create a laminar flow or focus the plume of vapor if necessary. The SmokPoint can be used with or without the Cone. For more precise leak detection slip on the pencil stream adaptor to create a thin stream of fog /vapor for the smallest of air leaks.

The new SmokPoint Air Flow Indicator can be used in the following situations:

  • Home Weatherization Testing for fuel efficiency
  • Clean Room air testing
  • Vent Hood testing
  • Any air flow environment
  • Fireplace / Chimney leakage testing

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