The TruTech Tools Team is here to serve you!

Bill S. President, CEO & Co-Owner
Eric P. VP, GM & Co-Owner
Bill S. Calibrations Manager
Josh C. Sales Manager
Matt F. Financial Manager
Sabrina U. HR Manager / Financial Specialist
Eric K. Education & Technical Training
Billy S. Marketing Manager
Michael F. Marketing Assistant
Madelyn H. Customer Service Associate
Greg B. Customer Service Associate
Katrina K. Purchasing Assistant
Warren K. Warehouse Manager
Andrew P. Shipper / Receiver
Joey P. Shipper / Receiver
Andrew S. Shipper / Receiver
Brandon K. Shipper / Receiver
Casey P. Shipper / Receiver
Cole P. Shipper / Receiver
Jamie P. Customer Service Associate / Returns
Josh G. Assistant Webmaster
Hayden S. Webmaster
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