AccuTools Review of Vacuum for Service Engineers - Revised 2020

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AccuTools Review of Vacuum for Service Engineers - Revised 2020

Revised by Jim Bergmann & Bryan Orr

If you have not read or heard of Review of Vacuum for Service Engineers, we can with the utmost confidence say that everything that you know, or think you know, about vacuum and evacuation is incomplete, and in many cases completely wrong. Most if not all modern textbooks have long forgotten these best practices and do not cover the science in the breadth and depth required to fully comprehend the science of evacuation.

Why is this handbook so important? First, it was written to an HVAC audience, and second today it’s simply the science that time and the HVAC/R industry forgot.

It is tragic that our industry had this fundamental knowledge and lost it for so long. It is critical that we never lose it again. Countless hours have been lost to simply poor evacuation practice, and that is time and money wasted that we simply will never regain. This lost time and money hurts technicians and their customers alike. Evacuation is an art, and simply put, once mastered what commonly takes hours can now be done in minutes.

Originally written in 1959, Review of Vacuum for Service Engineers was reprinted multiple times, last revised in 1988. It appears it was eventually discarded or cast aside as out of date educational and advertising material by Stride Tool. In 2015, the copyright was sold as part of the sale of the Airserco division of Stride Tool and then later obtained by Bill Spohn who recognized that this industry treasure should have never been discarded.

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