Work Smarter with the Bacharach Reporting App

The Bacharach Reporting App makes it quick and easy to transfer your combustion data into the real world. With your INSIGHT Plus or InTech combustion analyzer, you can generate a QR code then scan it with your mobile device using the Reporting App. From there you can view, save and email the data – all at the touch of a button. Save up to 100 records to your mobile device, any of which can be used to generate customized reports including:

  • as-found/as-left (before/after) combustion data
  • technician/company information
  • company logo
  • customer/location information

Here’s how simple it is…


To take full advantage of the Reporting App ensure your INSIGHT Plus or InTech has the latest firmware (v1.30 or later). To check your firmware version, turn on your instrument and watch the start-up screen or go to the status page from the main menu. If needed, it’s easy to update your instrument firmware – download the latest version (FREE) from Bacharach!

Once your analyzer has the latest firmware, download the Reporting App (search “Bacharach”) from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Congratulations – you’re now ready to use your Bacharach combustion analyzer and the Reporting App to generate and email customized reports!

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