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Combustion Analyzer Calibration Service (Labor)
Calibration Services

Combustion Analyzer Calibration Service (Labor)

Part Number:Calibration Service
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or you get a $50 TruTech Gift Certificate!

TruTech Tools offers calibration and minor repair of most Testo and Bacharach combustion analyzers for customers in the US.

Before returning your analyzer, purchase one of the following services, and download and fax or email back the Service Request Form. All services include return shipping.

Please include your probe and hoses for physical inspection and leak testing!
Click HERE for Service Request Form.

  • If working and unit only needs verification of calibration choose "Verification"
  • If working and units needs calibration choose "Calibration"
  • If NOT working or broken, choose "Up to1 hour bench time"
  • If your unit is sent in for verification and requires calibration we will call you to get approval and to collect additional fees
Verification Service includes:
    • Physical inspection / cleaning of instrument and probe, replacement of inline filter (Filter billed separately if required.)
    • Leak test of probe and instrument with nitrogen
    • Verification of conformance of O2 and CO readings to manufacturer's specification with NIST traceable test gas
    • Cross sensitivity check of CO for NOx interference to verify NOx filter performance (if present)
    • Return Shipment via UPS ground service
    Verification & Calibration of One Sensor Service: STANDARD PRICE $109.00, currently on SALE for $99.00
    • All items in Verification Service plus:
    • Calibration of CO sensor (Note: O2 does not require calibration)
    • Update to latest firmware available
    • 4 business day turn-around guarantee or you get a $50 TruTech Tools Gift certificate!
    • Expedited service for $25 gets it off our bench in 2 days max. If we miss that, we owe you a $25 gift certificate.

    Calibration Second Sensor Service: (NO sensor)
    • Calibration of NO sensor if product is equipped
    • Products that contain NO sensors include: testo 330s and Bacharach PCAs
    • There are no NO sensors present in: Testo 310, 320, 325 and 327 and Bacharach Fyrite Tech, Insight or InTech analyzers
    • DO NOT Purchase this service if you are sending in a Testo 310, 320, 325 and 327 or Bacharach Fyrite Tech, Insight or InTech analyzer
    • Only available if Calibration of One Sensor is purchased
    Repair Service includes:
    Flat rate up to 1 hour labor for any or all of the following:
    • Cell replacement
    • O-rings replacement
    • Water trap replacement
    • Internal filter replacement
    • Thermocouple replacement

    Parts are purchased separately and not included in labor costs.

    Choose Options

    Service Fees
    Verify & return shipping [+$59.00]
    Verify, Calibration & return shipping (1 sensor) 4 DAY TURN-AROUND GUARANTEE [+$99.00]
    Add on Calibration cost (after verfication purchase) [+$40.00]
    Up to 1 hour bench time [+$148.00]
    Add on 1 hour benchtime if verification was purchased [+$79.00]
    Add on 1 hour benchtime if calibration was purchased [+$49.00]
    Additional Services
    Calibration NOx sensor (check below to see related models) [+$49.00]
    Firmware Upgrade [+$49.00]
    Customize print out message [+$39.00]

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