FLIR T560-EST Handheld Thermal Screening Camera with 24 Degree Lens

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FLIR T560-EST Handheld Thermal Screening Camera with 24 Degree Lens

Mobile, quick to set up, and ready to go in minutes

The FLIR T560-EST handheld thermal camera is a non-contact screening tool that serves as a first line of defense against potential health risks. This FLIR EST thermal screening solution detects and visualizes heat to quickly identify individuals with an elevated skin temperature. Battery-powered and featuring an integrated touchscreen display, the T560-EST sets up quickly and easily for operation in temporary or mobile screening settings. The on-camera FLIR Screen-EST Mode offers visual positioning guides, automatic sampling to maintain an updated temperature average, and graphic pass/fail indicators for results, reducing the burden on screening station operators. A 640 √ó 480 pixel detector offers the highest thermal resolution in this line of handheld FLIR EST cameras, for superior measurement accuracy. Compatibility with FLIR Screen-EST Desktop software makes this camera a good fit for permanent installations as well.

Easy set-up and operation

  • Begin screening quickly with limited ramp-up time, simple video connectivity, and choice of >2.5-hour battery or external power.

Fast, accurate screening

  • Optimal screening accuracy with automatic ambient drift compensation, visual pass/fail graphic indicators, and audible alarms.

Maintain safety and privacy

  • On-camera FLIR Screen-EST Mode does not store images or personal information and allows for social distancing in screening setups.

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