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Gas Leak Detectors

Bacharach, Testo, Sensit, UEi and TIF Gas Leak Detection Meters & CO Alarms

All piping systems leak! The question is, how much and is it dangerous? Gas leak detection meters safely identify gas leaks and or gas concentrations. Using adjustable tick rates,  these meters can easily be used to find the general area of the leak which then can be pinpointed with soap bubbles. Because unacceptable rates of leakage represent a danger or a fuel loss, identifying and repairing them cannot only reduce your liability, it can also provide a needed service for your service contract clients. Repairing fuel leaks is often overlooked revenue stream for your company. Outfitting all of your technicians with gas leak detectors and implementing a testing process will quickly start to produce dividends for and increase the safety of your customers.

  • Bacharach Gas Leak Detectors Bacharach Gas Leak Detectors
    Easy to use, low maintenance, gas leak detectors for HVAC, energy auditors, and plumbers.
  • Sensit Gas Leak Detectors Sensit Gas Leak Detectors
    Sensit offers a wide range of utility quality gas leak detectors. Several models can show ppm leakage and the LEL of the sensed gas. Perfect for auditors and HVAC technicians that want to document leak rates. Some models UL classified for intrinsically safe.
  • TIF Combustible Gas Leak Detectors TIF Combustible Gas Leak Detectors
    The TIF8900 perfectly fulfills the needs of RESNET and BPI testing requirements as well as the needs of any heating or plumbing contractor, energy auditor or home inspector. UL classified for intrinsically safe.
  • Testo Gas Leak Detectors Testo Gas Leak Detectors
    Simple and accurate, the Testo line of gas leak detectors is depended upon all over the world. Low maintenance and easy to use with adjustable tick rate.
  • Accutools Accutools
    The AccuTools® eL-320 Combustible Gas Leak Detector is an easy-to-use portable combustible gas leak detector that pinpoints large and small leaks quickly. It is ideal for locating combustible gas leaks in appliances and heating equipment in commercial, residential, and industrial applications.
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