UEi HUB6 Smart Refrigerant Complete Kit

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UEi HUB6 Smart Refrigerant Complete Kit


  • 150 ft. Wireless range
  • 1/4" Hygrometer Probe Diameter
  • Hygrometer Attaches Plenum (built in magnet)
  • Pass Through Port (no adapters or hoses)
  • Pivot Hinge Design
  • Pressure Range: 0 to 750 psig
  • Pressure Accuracy: .5% F.S.

Wireless Hygrometer
The WHP1 displays temperature split and psychrometric calculations on the "Air Side" screen in the App. The WHP1 features the thinnest probe at 1/4" diameter, which means smaller drill holes than current probes on the market. The magnetic mount holds the WHP1 onto the plenum placing the probe in optimum position for air stream measurements, no adjustments needed.

Wireless Pressure Probe
WPP1 has a pivoting hinge to allow access to connections in tight spaces. The Pass-through fitting allows users to connect directly to the probe without additional adapters for a more efficient work flow, saving money on refrigerant and only bringing out the hoses when they're needed.

Temperature Pipe Clamp
The WPC1 is a thermistor pipe clamp that plugs into the Pressure probe to send its data to the App. The narrow jaw allows users to get onto narrow pipe lengths, while the over-molded texture provides a secure grip. The unique spring design allows for easier opening and closing without compromising it's grasp of the pipe. The WPC1 is compliant to California's Title 24 standard.

Solid Connection
Setting up probes in the App is quick and easy. Once a probe is assigned to a part of the system, it will automatically reassign that probe each time the App is launched. The latest wireless technology allows up to 150 ft. connectivity range pending environmental conditions and if the connection drops, the probe will automatically reconnect to the App.

The UEi HUB App shows a system’s Liquid and Suction measurements and temperature split and psychrometric calculations in an intuitive easy-to-read display. Users can easily select from over 44 refrigerants as well as add or subtract favorites. Customize views to see basic "Air Side" measurements or all info at once. The user-friendly navigation bar allows users to quickly change units or make altitude compensation adjustments for more accurate air property readings at higher altitudes. The user-friendly navigation bar allows users to quickly change units, reassign probes or get support from the manual and web support.

Download the UEI Hub App for your iOS or Android devices here to get measurments on your phone.

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