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iManifold - The Wireless Digital Refrigeration Manifold
iManifold - The Wireless Digital Refrigeration Manifold

iManifold - The Wireless Digital Refrigeration Manifold

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iManifold - The Wireless Digital Refrigeration Manifold

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This revolutionary product is the first iPhone (R), iPad (R), Android (TM) (eg. smart device) compatible wireless digital refrigeration manifold. Features include: air conditioning/refrigeration equipment profiling, geo-tagging, trending, data logging and real-time equipment performance with truly smart diagnostic capabilities.

The iManifold app is available for free download. Get the power of the iManifold with any of the tools you use today!

Download the FREE Quick Start Guide, Sample Report, or read the instruction manual and keep up to date on the FAQs

iManifold Report SampleiManifold Quick Start

Buy the iManifold to stream data into the app.

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The iManifold wirelessly displays the system’s actual pressures, temperatures, superheat and subcooling while simultaneously calculating performance targets. The oval "pills" on the full color display provide a visual indication of distance from target measurement, eliminating guesswork.

Leveraging years of HVAC/R tool experience coupled with extensive feedback from the HVAC/R community, North Park Innovations offers the iManifold, a revolutionary breakthrough in digital manifold technology. The iManifold will save you hours of time by eliminating the need for manual calculations while presenting the data in an easy to read format on your smart device.

View more Videos on the iManifold by clicking below

Press release date: July 30, 2014

GLENWILLOW, Ohio — Stride Tool was recognized for excellence in product design in the 11th annual Dealer Design Awards Program sponsored by The Air Conditioning Heating Refrigeration News magazine. An independent panel of contractors acted as judges in the contest that had 92 entries. The company's Imperial iManifold was the Gold Award Winner in the Electronic Tool category. The ACHR News is the leading trade magazine in the heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and refrigeration industries.

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The iManifold app runs on smart phones and tablets running the latest versions of iPhone (R), iPad (R), Android (TM) operating system.
The iManifold product talks to the smart phone or tablet via standard BlueTooth and BlueTooth LE (low energy) wireless protocols built in to most smart devices
The iManifold product only accepts wireless probe data from iManifold wireless probes which operate using the Zigbee wireless mesh network. Other brands of wireless probes will not be detected by the iManifold.

Do not hesitate to call us at 888-224-3437 if you have any questions about this new and exciting technology.

  • Rugged aluminum frame and handle
  • Wired and wireless probe options
  • Bluetooth connection to smart devices
  • Deep draw manifold
  • Large, easy-grip handles
  • Adjustable hose holders
  • Comes with 2 Cooper-Atkins brand pipe wrap temperature probes with Patented friction cinch. (accommodates pipe diameters from 1/4' to 4")

iManifold News: HERE

Now available are the following wireless probes:

Wireless temperature only (uses plug in pipe clamp/strap/air sensors) for flexibility.
Wireless temperature with addition of air temperature and RH
Wireless temperature with pressure (Low and High); Two different probes.

Wireless micron gauge (BluVac Pro+)
Wireless Multimeter (Redfish Instruments)

If anyone has any other feature requests or ideas, North Park Innovations would love to hear them.
Drop an email to

Choose Options

iConnect unit [+$379.05]
Thermistor Pipe Strap Surface Probe [+$59.95]
Cooper-Atkins Thermistor Pipe Strap Surface Probe [+$50.10]
Thermistor Air Probe (0.5") with 4 Inch Cord [+$34.31]
Thermistor Air Probe (0.5") with 12 Feet Cord [+$39.86]
Cooper-Atkins Thermistor Air Probe (0.5") with 12 Feet Cord [+$33.32]
Thermistor 3.5" General Purpose Puncture Probe [+$52.69]
Cooper-Atkins Thermistor 3.5" General Purpose Puncture Probe [+$44.00]
Thermistor Pipe Clamp Surface Probe [+$137.21]
Cooper-Atkins Thermistor Pipe Clamp Surface Probe-FOR USE WITH REMOTE PROBES ONLY. NOT SUITABLE FOR USE ON iMANIFOLD BODY [+$114.65]
Thermistor Extension Cable, 10 ft. [+$52.59]
Cooper-Atkins Thermistor Extension, 10 ft. [+$43.92]
Thermistor Extension Cable, 50 ft. [+$75.22]
Cooper-Atkins Thermistor Extension Cable, 50 ft. [+$62.88]
Wireless Base Probe [+$179.55]
Second Wireless Base Probe [+$179.55]
Wireless Temp and Humidity Probe [+$223.25]
Second Wireless Temp and Humidity Probe [+$223.25]
Wireless Low Pressure Probe [+$265.05]
Wireless High Pressure Probe [+$265.05]
15-Pocket Professional Tool Bag [+$22.56]

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Customer Reviews

3 Stars
My work is primarily refrigerantion. The point of this purchase is the wireless probes, which I cannot commenton at this time. So I have been using this now for a week, I also purchased a Nexus 7, per their recommendation, the manifold should have a display, I realize there has been a lot of discussion on this issue, it should have a display !! with a remote option. I was a bit disappointed in the connectivity. I walked into a cooler to adjust a TXV, with the Nexus tablet in hand, maybe 10 ft. away from the manifold and dropped the signal. 1 exterior wall and the cooler box. That is a disappontment. I will have to return it if I continue to have that issue with the wireless probes in opersation. Logging is another relavent concern for my work practices. I understand that function is in the near future, but is manditory. The manifold itself appears to be well built, and the concept is great. I sincerly hope they continue to improve this product, I will spend the money if it will function as I need. I am only going to do 3 stars until I have more time with it. But do not get me wrong. This has the potential to be a great product, worth every cent ! I have had the Testo 570 for a year or so, a solid manifold, but needs the wireless probes for my work. Edwin L. Martin Advanced Air Systems mt. MANUFACTURER REPLY: Edwin, Thanks for your feedback. The iManifold was built without a display for several reasons, but primarily cost. There is the cost of the display, and the cost of programming along with the display inventory commitment which is very substantial as the display sizes and features are constantly changing making availability sketchy. As most smart devices (smartphones and tablets) have displays (and advanced computing and communication capabilities) that would far surpass what consumers of the iManifold would be willing to pay, I can assure you that there is no display in the future of this product. It simply makes no economic sense. We went full circle on this aspect in the design process and this decision has been well thought through. Bluetooth in general is a short range radio. While we do have exceptional line of sight range (over 400’), it was never intended to be used as a powerful long range radio. This is the function of the Zigbee wireless probes. Zigbee has a longer range, and the range can easily be extended by adding additional probes that act as repeaters to the network. Wireless pressure probes will be available the week of 8-4-14 for iManifold and this should rectify the issue that you are having. The probes talk to the manifold and not the tablet, however remember that evaporator superheat should be measured at the evaporator outlet, both temperature and pressure, and total superheat measured at the condenser. All products have a development cycle. We chose to share both the current features and the future features of the product. Many of the future features are software related and the iManifold as shipped has the required hardware. Wireless probes were pushed ahead of data logging in the development cycle due to customer demand. Data logging is a future feature. As I get more information on where the data logging is in the development cycle as far as a time frame we will release it for public consumption, but it is not far off. Jim Bergmann New Product Development Manager Imperial Tools 8-4-14
Did you find this helpful?  23 of 25 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Porthill Idaho. on 8/1/2014
5 Stars
Must have for all hvac
This is the best manifold ive ever used.... Service is great along with price...give it a chance and you will be a beliver...beter than testo sman4 and anolog.....tru tech is great customer service is bar none call them and see for your self...
Did you find this helpful?  11 of 15 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Dirty South. on 3/27/2014
5 Stars
Owner Laser Service
Interested in this tool for its advertised accuracy, calculations and rugged design features, also its just plain cool. Smart move no display, i get it, but for the holdouts, how about an adapter for holding your phone to the manifold? Heck mb i will market one :-) velcro anyone? Keep up the good work! Feel free to send me one for long term evaluation!
Did you find this helpful?  6 of 9 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from NY. on 2/12/2016
5 Stars
Excellent service arrived on time. This tool is a must have. I see a big future because of Jim pushing the features of the software and reporting.
Did you find this helpful?  6 of 8 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Allentown,PA. on 9/2/2015
5 Stars
Did you find this helpful?  5 of 10 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from . on 6/20/2015
5 Stars
buisness owner
in a word BULLETPROOF!!! MY NEXT TOY,GREAT JOB,lovin those features
Did you find this helpful?  4 of 7 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from n.j.. on 2/19/2014
5 Stars
Worked well for six months. Device was replaced with another but was reconditioned and started leaking on first call. Tech support was very helpful. However, Another concern is that Original manufacturer sold out to another company. Frankly, I wish I would have stayed with the Testo and wish I could get my money back. I have lost confidence in the very expensive system. TRUTECH NOTE: Carl was able to work this out with the manufacturer and gave us permission to post this note and move the ranking to 5: "thanks, Eric from tech support called back and helped me. I feel very confident in the purchase now."
Did you find this helpful?  2 of 2 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from La. on 7/28/2016
5 Stars
I really like this manifold. Very good Quality! Temperature sensors are very fast responding and accuracy is spot on. Like having all the information I need on one screen and in high definition color. Really enjoy the ability to move the screen where ever I want it and smart device connects to imanifold really fast. Also would like to add that tech support is also fast and efficient. I would buy this unit again and recommend it to anyone that's serious about hvac work. Really Cool Tool!
Did you find this helpful?  2 of 2 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from NC. . on 8/4/2015






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