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measureQuick (mQ) is the FREE smart device app that supercharges a variety of BlueTooth smart tools with rich diagnostics, data logging and reporting capabilities. Now you can see intuitive visuals informing about each job, piece of equipment, or system all in one place!

mQ connects with select smart tools in one of three (3) ways:
  • Streaming: Live data flows from the tool to the app for real-time analysis
  • App to App: Data is moved from the tool's app to the mQ app for analysis
  • QR code: Data stored in a QR code is moved from the tool's display to the mQ app (using the smart device camera) for analysis

mQ helps ensure processes are done correctly, immediately referenced to standards, and performed consistently from tech to tech. Improve your company's field IQ with mQ! For a current listing of mQ compatible products see below, for a printable chart with details on which devices connect and which mode they connect (stream, app-app or QR): CLICK HERE.

See the new measureQuick user guide here! LINK
Check out measureQuick on YouTube

Watch a case study on measureQuick and Sensi Predict: HERE

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