Testo 310 Tune and Check Kit with Printer
Testo 310 Tune and Check Kit with Printer

Testo 310 Tune and Check Kit with Printer

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Testo 310 Tune and Check Kit with Printer

Also available without printer. See the kit here!

TruTech Tools is excited to introduce the Entry Level Tune and Check Kit for Combustion Analysis. This kit includes the necessary tools and instruments to perform a combustion test, a static pressure test, gas pressure test, as well as measure temperature rise.

Testo 310 Residential Combustion Analyzer

The testo 310 residential combustion analyzer represents a new class of instruments for Testo and provides exceptional value and expanded capabilities in combustion testing. The 310 sets a new standard in reliable combustion tuning with its rugged housing, simple design and advanced sensor technology. The easy-to-read backlit display shows more measurements which provides a more complete picture of the combustion process. Simple top-of-display icons show you the current measurement functions. After only 30 seconds the 310 is ready to test.

Testo 510 Manometer

The Testo 510 replaces a tools box of low pressure measurement tools. With optional accessories, the 510 can be used for measuring manifold pressure, total external static pressure, pressure drops across coils and filters, air velocities (>800 FPM) with a Pitot tube. This differential pressure meter is ideally suitable for pressure measurements in the range 0 to 40"wc (or 9999 Pa). Testo 510's differential pressure measurement is temperature-compensated for accurate readings. Readings can be displayed in Pascal over the whole measurement range. Magnets at the back of the instrument enable hands-free operation, for instance, while adjusting gas regulators.

(2) UEi PDT650 Folding Pocket Thermometers

The PDT650 is a versatile and rugged pocket thermometer featuring an extended temperature range, built-in magnetic mount, folding temperature probe and a large easy-to-read display. The PDT650 provides reliable and accurate measurements in demanding environments. They are perfect for HVAC, refrigeration and food service areas, or anywhere temperature monitoring is critical.

TruTech Tools Static Pressure Test Kit

This accessory kit contains all of the standard and hard to find parts to use a compact manometer (eg testo 510 or FieldPiece SDMN5 or SMDN6) for gas and air static pressures, including tees for pressure switch testing.

Download the Free Total External Static Pressure Guide

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