Testo 417
Testo 417

Testo 417 Large Vane Anemometer Kit with Case

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Testo 417 Vane Probe Anemometer

Also available without a case. See the kit here!

The high quality bearings in the testo 417 yield nearly "friction-free" rotation for direct measurement of air velocity with an NTC sensor used to determine air temperature. The vanes cover all the measured area - no airflow is lost between the vane and outer ring.

The 4" head averages true flow over its entire area, not just responding to local stray eddies. Just input the duct cross-sectional OPEN area (from 0.2 sq. in. to over 107 sq. ft. (15,498 sq. in.)) to see accurate, real-time CFM calculations. Simply toggle between velocity, CFM, and temperature readings on the clear, back lit display. Simply tap the ON/OFF key when the unit it is ON to toggle the back-light.

Flow direction is indicated by an arrow in the display. timed or multi-point averages are easily accomplished with all parameters and calculations. Min-Max values can also be displayed. The "Hold" function freezes current readings in the display making data recording easy.

The primary advantages of vane anemometers are speed, accuracy, and ease of use. Vane anemometers do not require air density compensation due to air temperature, humidity, or atmospheric pressure. The large vane is ideal for verifying proper velocities from supply and return registers and performing proportional balancing of HVAC systems. This tool should be on every technician's truck.


  • True velocity measurement - no air density correction required
  • Simple one hand operation
  • Easy to carry and operate
  • Adjustable A(K) factor (open area of grille)
  • Required for proper systems commissioning
  • Long battery life
  • Built-in 3.93 in. vane

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