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Watts up? 57777 Energy Monitor

Watts up? 57777 Energy Monitor

Part Number:57777-00
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The Standard model measures voltage and current thousands of times a second so it has an incredibly fast response time which enables you to "see the surge" of power when appliances are first turned on. The peak value display captures this surge so it is displayed even if it happens too fast to see live. The minimum RMS voltage display shows the line quality and voltage dips. Minimum RMS current and minimum watts can be used to monitor variances in appliances that run continuously.

Watts up? measures true power (including power factor). True power is what utilities charge for, which can be different than a simple voltage and current measurement (this is called "apparent power"). The duty cycle display shows the percent of time a load is above a preset threshold level. For instance, this threshold can be set to 100 watts and with a refrigerator the duty cycle display will show the percent of time that the compressor is running. A high reading may indicate a bad motor or low freon.

  • 18 values displayed
  • Cost displayed
  • World-wide compatible* (100v - 250v, 50/60 Hz requires UO version and depends on cord set.)
  • 1.5% accuracy (see specification for details)
  • Watts accurate to 2-3 tenths, even for 1 watt loads (standby loads)

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