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Fyrite INSIGHT Plus LL Combustion Analyzer with Reporting Kit
NEW! Fyrite® INSIGHT® Plus Combustion Analyzer

Fyrite INSIGHT Plus LL Combustion Analyzer with Reporting Kit

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Fyrite® INSIGHT® Plus with Reporting Kit

Includes Long-Life O2 cell and B-Smart CO Sensor

Featuring Tune-Rite Assistance - On Demand When You Need It

The INSIGHT® Plus with Tune-Rite is an exclusive on-demand "assistant" that can help anyone - from the newly graduated technician to the seasoned contractor - save money by making more thorough and efficient service calls. At the touch of a button, it watches the analysis process along with you - in real-time - to help you determine if the system you're evaluating is operating in acceptable parameters. If it is, Tune-Rite will show you. If the system is not performing in an acceptable range, Tune-Rite will make helpful troubleshooting recommendations so you can efficiently adjust the system as needed.

The Fyrite® INSIGHT® Plus is the first instrument in its class to offer a color graphic display with dynamic info-graphing screens to provide unique new ways to monitor the combustion process. Along with being a top-of-the-line combustion analyzer, it can be used to check ambient CO concentrations, flue-gas CO levels, and as a digital thermometer and digital manometer. This LL (Long Life) version features a long life O2 sensor warranted for three years against failure.


  • Full-color, dynamic info-graphing LCD displays real-time analysis
  • Long life O2 cell with two year warranty
  • Dynamic info-graphing
  • Measures O2, CO (0-4,000ppm with integral NOx filter), stack/air temp, draft
  • Performs combustion efficiency for 9 specific fuels + 2 custom
  • 5-in-1 Tool: Digital Manometer, ambient & flue gas CO, CO air free, Dual-channel digital thermometer
  • B-Smart® CO sensor technology – sensor exchange program available + 3 year long-life O2 sensor available
  • O2 life sensor indication
  • Store up to 100 complete test records
  • Auto or manual zero for CO sensor
  • Metal gas and pressure connectors
  • Reporting package with printer
  • Easy battery access
  • AC operation via USB power adapter
Insight Plus Cut sheet

Bacharach INSIGHT Plus Cut Sheet

The Fyrite® INSIGHT® Plus provides the same reliable oxygen, carbon monoxide and draft and other pressure measurements as the popular Fyrite® INSIGHT® unit does, along with many enhanced features for easier, more productive testing. Dynamic info-graphing provides great visual feedback in a pictorial format. There are on-board ‘Apps’ for locating the stack hotspot for optimal measurement, providing easy graphing and monitoring of trends for CO, temperature or other parameters. Also, the color display is useful for viewing graphic representations of ranges and setpoints during setup and adjustment, making it easier to monitor the effects of any changes or fine-tuning on the system.

Other new features include a CO sensor with a range up to 4,000 ppm along with an integral NOx filter for high NO/NO2 applications. In addition, the user now has a choice of our standard 2 year oxygen sensor or a long-life oxygen sensor, which lasts up to 3 years. There are also 9 programmed fuels and a variety of other improvements.

Includes Reporting Package Kit:

  • Reporting Package Kits add the IrDA wireless printer, printer paper, USB cable and Fyrite® User Software.

This Product Replaces:

  • 0024-8516

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